Automatic conversations with your users by text or voice.

Zairux will develop smart bots on demand for your product or service. Later you can manage it from the user panel without advanced computer skills and in a customizable way. This service includes visual design, "training" and any extra functionality you need or platform. You have more information about chat & voicebots here .



Zairux is the first platform to provide this service entirely in Spanish. A "phonebot" is a telephone bot that will automatically respond to your customers. It can include many functionalities, from previous appointments to online payments. The Zairux team will advise you to implement this technology in your company. More information here



Zairux will take your company to the digital era, and if it is already in that era, we will bring the future to your hands through Artificial Intelligence technologies. In a personalized way Zairux will make a study of your company and assess in what aspects Artificial Intelligence can Save you time and money. More information here


Features available and on demand.

You will not need to invest time in your bot, we will develop it for you and add all those functionalities you need, from previous appointments to online payments.
Our team will advise you and help you get the most benefits from this technology. You can see some features here .

Do you need a budget?

Register without obligation and tell us what you need, we will detail a budget as economical as possible and tailored.