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IA, Big Data e IoT

Welcome to Zairux

We bring the technology of the future to companies.

Cloud Technologies

Zairux platform is in the cloud. It does not require any additional installation.

We develop functionalities

We do multiple developments like websites, chatbots, phonebots, cloud security or intelligent data processing. You can manage your services from Zairux.


We develop any additional service, both for our services and yours.


We take care of all the necessary resources to modernize your project, from servers to any other type of system


Chat&voicebot and Phonebot are products in continuous development, this means that we will be adding new features.


Whatever company you are, our solutions will improve your service, always adapting to your needs.

Whatever company you are, we will improve your products or services.

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Our philosophy is to modernize companies, bringing them new technologies and significantly improving their productivity.

Any contact with us is free, including any meeting or installation time of the services.

Also, it comes into our philosophy to make things easy for you, so both chat&voicebot and phonebot are fully self-manageable online.


We develop chatbots for any platform.

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Some of our services on demand


We want to know you

You can email us at or Whatsapp (+34)639729552